About Flexpipe

Flexpipe has been in the North American pipe and joints industry for more than 12 years now. Our mission is to empower workers with modular materials so that they use their creativity to organize their work environment and ultimately facilitate their work. We launched the Lean Maker Academy to make the Modular System accessible to all workers in all industries.


Atlanta – Los Angeles – Montreal
Tel: 855 406.0253

For questions about trainings, please contact our expert:

Esteban Solano

Design & Assembly Specialist
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Even if there are some variations between the systems, the notions shared in the lessons are relevant to Flexpipe alternatives.

While this is not mandatory, we do recommend having parts with you while attending the lessons. The whole point of this course is to become an assembly expert, so you’ll have to practice!

Yes! We offer Web trainings, onsite trainings and training at Flexpipe. Please visit the following page for more details.

Simply navigate to the training page and click on the “Take this course” button. It’s completely free!

You only need a computer or mobile device with a good enough internet connection to stream the lessons videos. Nothing else is needed.

This online course is 100% free! You’ll only have to pay for your tools and parts in order to build your structures.